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Hotels and resorts do not operate in a world without rules and regulations.  The role of government is pervasive in the hotel business.  From labor regulations to tax law to real estate planning and permitting, various levels of government direct and guide the hotel developer, owner, lender, investor, employee, and operator.  Because governmental bodies regulate they become involved in disputes with those who are the regulated.  Because developers and owners make application with governmental bodies, both sides find themselves in need of expert assistance.  Because governmental bodies enter into contracts with hotels for the provision of accommodations or other services or for leases, participation in project financing, or for other business arrangements then hotel-specialized experts can be engaged and provide value.  Straightline provides many of those expert services to government in Straightline's areas of prime knowledge: real estate development, strategic planning, and project financing.

Some of Straightline's Government Engagements follow...

  • California:  Strategic Advisor to a county harbor district concerning lessee performance as hotel operator and the economics of its proposal to convert a portion of its underperforming hotel into a Hampton Inn.
  • California:  Forensic study into complex assignment of ownership interests in a hotel to a REIT with impact upon continuing validity of city-granted transient occupancy tax credit.
  • Orange County:  Prepared feasibility study for a conference hotel on a high profile coastal site on behalf of major developer. Formal presentations before Planning Commission and City Council.
  • U.S. Southeast:  Engaged by plaintiff as expert witness in case against a state parks department for it alleged failure to honor a signed lease which allowed development of resort cabins and related amenities within eight state parks.  Testified as to viability of Plan of Financing and calculation of economic damages.
  • Nevada:  Expert witness at trial on behalf of county department of aviation concerning viability of a proposed high-rise timeshare resort on parcel where county had imposed development height restrictions.
  • Egypt:  Expert witness supporting the Arab Republic in a dispute with the developer of a planned 1,370-unit resort to be built within its borders.
  • Orange County:  Advocate with City for internal relocation of a resort site within the Specific Plan for a prominent coastal planned development. Developer was client.
  • New York:  Consultant to a French government real property disposition arm regarding forensic interpretation and business rationality of legal agreements which defined various parties’ interests in a well-known city hotel.